Unisto Mini Axis seal

Product Features and Benefits:

One-piece moulded seal

Unique designed locking mechanism which

firmly secures the seal in position to eliminate

any possibility of the seal being pulled out or

pseudo sealing.

Grooves on the ribbon to prevent sealing from

the reverse direction

Tear-off facility allows easy removal of seal

Barcoded numbering for fast, accurate reliable

data capture and streamlining operations

Various colours for logistical functions

Customer name/logo for clear identification

Specially designed spikeless version is available

for tote box applications or applications that do

not require a spike for gripping on the seal

Mini Axis

Unisto Mini Axis


Unisto P20 rotary seal introduction

Product Features and Benefits:

Separate wire allows sealing with flexibility and adjustability

Compact size with double side marking

Specific knob design for fast and secure closing without tools

The seal is compatible with different kinds of

Plastic coated wire, or nylon cable… on request

Various colours for easy identification (colour coding)

Customer name/logo for clear identification and more security

Bar-coding ensures fast and accurate data capture

More security with the double numbering of the last 6 digits

Specific colour of the standard wire for more security


P20_product information


Unisto Padlock 1 seal introduction

Unisto is pleased to introduce its new one piece Padlock 1 seal .

Ideal for airline cart security and a multitude of other uses, incorporating superior design and moulding technology.

Images and specification sheet will be coming soon.

Padlock 1


Slider Seal


STRAPLOCK Pallet security

Straplock 7000 and 7115 and the use of their associated locking tools are an excellent and innovative way of ensuring tamper evidence of high value and ,or, sensitive goods.




New Unisto Roller seal

Unisto announces the introduction of the all new and unique Roller meter seal.

Roller Seal