Phoenix Bolt Seal Cutter

Phoenix Cordless Bolt Seal Cutter is safe, portable and convenient.
Features a simple one button cut and an automated jaw opening/reset button.
Comes with an OLED screen to manage battery life and maintenance during operation.

The Phoenix Cordless Bolt Seal Cuttertakes away the risk of strain injuries when using traditional heavy (up to 5.5kg) manual bolt cutters and also potential for eye injuries often caused by projectile seal parts during cutting.
Phoenix Cordless Bolt Seal Cutter is a lightweight (3.5kg) and balanced device, making the job of cutting bolt seals off containers located on ground or up high on trailers an effortless and safe task that anyone in your business can do.
Let the ‘Phoenix Cordless Bolt Seal Cutter’ renew the safety and efficiency of bolt seal removal in your business. Suitable for cutting ISO import/export bolt seals and mini bolt seals.


Safepak North Western Toyota TR86


Nz Government Use Endorsed Seals

NZ Security Intelligence Service endorsed seals

Safepak has NZ.S.I.S. endorsement to supply to all Government Departments and Agencies a wide range of securiy seals and tamper evident products.

These products have been tested and endorsed by the NZ.S.I.S. to meet the extremely high standards of the New Zealand Government.

The Venus seal ,listed below, is also endorsed by S.C.E.C. for use by the Australian Government and its agencies.

Endorsed products that are available from Safepak Ltd.

Venus – 120,180,220
Slider – 250,350
Excel – 350
PROTECTASEAL – Permanent 36 micron
PROTECTASEAL – Low Residue 36 micron
KeepSafe Gold brochure
KeepSafe Gold A5,A3,A2


Safepak Unisto Firefly Aarque Silverback Freight Direct RX8

Huge win for Andrew in the NZ Championship  2017/2018 by taking out the RX8 title after rounds at Ruapuna and culminating at the Manfeild NZGP round.

This Championship win was followed up by taking the North Island title also, comprising 6 rounds of 3 races over the 2017/2018 season.

Couldn’t have been done with out the support of our sponsors;






Freight Direct

The #21 Pro 7 Mazda RX8 has raced in the Premier NZ and IRC Summer series since 2013.

The 2017/2018 season brings 7 rounds of racing at Taupo, Pukekohe, Manfeild, Hampton Downs and Ruapuna.

Andrew Jackson will have the driving duties of the Unisto/Aarque / Safepak/Firefly/Freight Direct/Silverback Pro 7 RX8 car.


NZ Customs approval


Unisto Hi Genius Bolt Seal 136.8KB

NZ Customs Seal Approval letter


CAA Rule 109

Described from CAA Part 109
October 9 2008

Part 109 prescribes rules for the certification and operation of regulated air cargo agents.

This Part prescribes the security controls that are to be applied to cargo and mail carried on international passenger aircraft in order to:

  • give the appropriate degree of protection to passengers and crew of international passenger aircraft, and
  • preserve New Zealand’s reputation as a safe point of origin for cargo with our international aviation partners, and
  • meet international treaty obligations under the Convention on International Civil Aviation Annex 17 (Security) that will assist in ensuring the security of civil aviation from and within New Zealand.

Part 109 aims to prevent, as far as possible, weapons, explosives or other articles or substances that could be used for  committing an act of unlawful interference being loaded as cargo or mail onto international passenger aircraft.


Read full article

Certificate of Conformance for Freight Container Mechanical Seal Testing:

Unisto Genius
Seal Classifaction: High Security

Dayton T. Brown Inc. certifies that 25 samples, 5 of each test, of the seal referenced above were sujected to the following test.

Test Name Paragraph Number Classification Rating
Tensile Test 6.2 High Security
Shear Test 6.3 High Security
Bending Test 6.4 High Security
Impact Test @ room temp 6.5 High Security
Impact Test @ reduced temp 6.5 High Security


Unisto drum seals now available

Unisto drum seals specifically designed to show tamper evidence are now available in NZ and Australia to meet a wide range of applications.


Unisto Euroseal

Unisto Drum Seal N° 5

Unisto Drum seal F-3665


New Venus 300mm seal

Unisto have added to the range of sizes available in the Venus tamper evident high security seal.

The range now includes the longer 300mm version to compliment the 120,150 “kinky tail”,180, and 220 mm seals.

The longer seal is ideal for securing larger items that require the security of a multi part seal with stainless steel jaws.



Safepak and Unisto Australia have added to their extensive range of security products , a range of

SECURE CRATES that can be secured with either the Unisto VENUS or PETIT security seals available in a number of lengths and colours.


Export Container Seals

I S O   1 7 7 1 2 : 2 0 1 3 (E)

E X P O R T  C O N T A I N E R  S E A L S

In 2011, the International Standards Organization (ISO) advised that

changes to the current ISO 17712 container mechanical bolt seal would further

improve the seal’s integrity and would come into effect from March 1, 2012 ,however

there has been a further update to the standard and testing methods.

The new standard applicable from May 2014 is, ISO 17712:2013 (E)

Please refer to the attached PDF document

Safepak Ltd and partners Unisto are pleased to advise that their Unisto Hi Genius bolt seal is still ISO 17712:2013 (E) & C-TPAT compliant.

So,  our NZ Customs SES Partners can be assured that our range of Hi Genius bolt seals are fully compliant and able to be used under the Secure Export Partnership Scheme run by NZ Customs.

These seals are now available for sale from Safepack.


HiGenius_ISO 17712 Certificat._April 2014