Unisto Security Seals provide indicative access control for all kinds of goods in storage and transit.
Shipping containers, trucks, duty-free trolleys, airline-food trolleys, cash & document bags, tote & archive boxes, cages, fire extinguishers, exit doors, gas/water & electricity meters are all protected from unauthorised opening or manipulation.

A wide range of Pull-tight Security Seals, Fixed Length Security Seals , Barrier Security Seals, Padlock type Seals, ISO 17712:2013 certified Bolt Seals, Electronic Truck Seals, Meter Seals, and Tamper Evident Bags / Tapes and Labels, all provide Tamper Evident Control in accordance with specific customer needs and applications.

Product knowledge, creativity and innovations constantly result in new and improved security sealing devices and solutions.
We apply appropriate materials and procedures to meet the needs of our market leading customers in the Banking / Cash in Transit, Transport / Logistics, Airline, Catering, Supermarket, Hospitality, Postal/Courier, Archiving / Document Destruction, and Chemical industries.
We pride ourselves on product originality, security and value.
Our customers have been the cornerstones of our achievements over many decades.
To all of our valued customers thank you for your support.
Speak to us about Environmental-friendly raw materials and our processes around the production of Unisto Security Seals to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.



Safepak is a supplier to leading companies / organisations in industries such as: Banking, Cash Carry, Hospitality, Supermarket, Transport, Logistics, Fire Equipment, Government Departments and a range of others.

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