Phoenix Bolt Seal Cutter

Phoenix Cordless Bolt Seal Cutter is safe, portable and convenient.
Features a simple one button cut and an automated jaw opening/reset button.
Comes with an OLED screen to manage battery life and maintenance during operation.

The Phoenix Cordless Bolt Seal Cuttertakes away the risk of strain injuries when using traditional heavy (up to 5.5kg) manual bolt cutters and also potential for eye injuries often caused by projectile seal parts during cutting.
Phoenix Cordless Bolt Seal Cutter is a lightweight (3.5kg) and balanced device, making the job of cutting bolt seals off containers located on ground or up high on trailers an effortless and safe task that anyone in your business can do.
Let the ‘Phoenix Cordless Bolt Seal Cutter’ renew the safety and efficiency of bolt seal removal in your business. Suitable for cutting ISO import/export bolt seals and mini bolt seals.