Phoenix Bolt Cutter

• OLED screen for charge level, number of cuts completed and other
device functions or alerts.
• Hold trigger down to cut and release trigger to stop.
• Also features a separate jaw reset button.
• Comfortable ergonomic design for frequent and continuous use.
• Tool weight with 1.5Ah battery and cutting head fitted 3.5kg. vs. 900mm
manual bolt cutter 5.4kgs+/-.
• Cutting cycle: 2.5~5sec.
• Cutting range: Max – 12mm diameter, suitable for cutting mini bolt seal
and ISO export bolt seal.
• No projectile pieces of steel, as the cutter slowly crushes and cuts the
bolt seal.
• Battery re-charge time is approx 30mins for 1.5Ah.
• Supplied with 2 x 18v Lithium-ion batteries and 1 x charger.
*Plug is compatible for Australia power sources, 240 volt.
• Supplied in sturdy plastic carry case.
• Makita equivalent batteries and charger are compatible.

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